Office of Alumni Services at Andrews University communicates with the global alumni community through variety of means. One of the most common ways we reach out to our alums is email.
We sent out Regional Event invitations, occasional newsletters and a few other important pieces of information.
We do not sell or share your email with anyone outside of Andrews University, additionally we ensure that only the appropriate parties on campus have access and utilize your information.

Due to the rapidly changing technology to distribute emails we utilize the best available options to ensure that our emails are delivered to your mailbox in the most effective manner. As such Office of Alumni Services utilizes Amazon Inc infrastructure to distribute large quantities of emails quickly.

Although most alumni will see the emails in their mailboxes normally in certain situation your computer or email service may think that the email is SPAM or PHISHING. Please note that emails distributed via Amazon Simple Email Service are indeed from Andrews University Office of Alumni Services.

Please note that regardless of the way emails are distributed we never sell or share your emails with any third parties.

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